Sifa Children's Choir

Who we are

Who we are

Our Mission

We want to create an atmosphere where education shall not be a privilege for a select few or a status symbol, but that every child be given the opportunity to access quallty educaton. Our mission is to provide and ensure that the access is readily available for all children in uganda and in africa at large


To create a system or build an infrastructure where every child in Uganda shall have access to quality education, provide shoes on their feet and clothes on their backs. We believe education adds value to ones talents and abilities. providing qualk education to these children we shall be securing their future and eventually empowering them to be productive in their own communities. We belleve the difference between western countries and African countries is lack of education. Therefore, we are investing in the education of the children so that we can save the future of the African Continent from ignorance, poverty, corruption, sickness and disease Starting with Uganda, we shall realize the development and modernization of the African continent at larg

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